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Trying to be a Healthy Mommy for the Kid

Women’s Mini 10K Done!!!!

Women's Mini 10K DONE!!! Oh my gosh, I "ran" the Women's Mini 10K on my birthday thinking this is a great way to kick off my 36th years. Wow it was an event. First and foremost this race event was... Continue Reading →

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Car 3 Review

Cars 3 Review I am Speed, I am Lightning.... I remember hearing my son whisper those words as he watch the Original Cars movie for the billionth time. It is safe to assume that JELS was slightly obsessed and a... Continue Reading →

One Hundred Days of Fitness Challenge

100 days of Fitness Challenge So lately I have been slightly obsessed with Facebook Live videos. From make up (that I do not wear at all) tutorials, to food videos that I keep sharing to me sister-in-law who is going... Continue Reading →

Super Impulse Toys Review

Super Impulse Toys Review I had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people at the TTPM Spring Showcase in April of this year. There were so many amazing toys at this Showcase. JELS and I had a ball learning about... Continue Reading →

Five Points Festival 2017

Five Points Festival 2017   Oh it was a magical experience for this Geeky Mom. JELS and I have been attending Cons since he was 1.5 years old. I started his Geeky boy training early. I have always enjoyed the every... Continue Reading →

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me….

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. I sure was humming the song throughout the whole movie. I still remember where I was and who I was with when I say the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.... Continue Reading →

JELS Second Race

#NYRRBoardwalkRun May 20th 2017 JELS entered his second race which was a part of the Air BNB Brooklyn Half. After the kicking and arguing of not wanting to do the first race. JELS was more than excited to participate in... Continue Reading →

JELS Next Race…

This weekend is JELS second race. He is participating in the Youth Boardwalk Run at the Air BnB Brooklyn half in Coney Island. He is so excited it is so adorable. He is excited to get his new t-shirt, he's... Continue Reading →

Our Journey on the Spectrum part 4

Our Journey on the Spectrum  part 4 Soooo Autism Awareness month has ended and quite honestly I am happy about it. For some reason this year the month annoyed me. I found there was an over saturation of "media" trying to... Continue Reading →

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