Super Impulse Toys Review

I had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people at the TTPM Spring Showcase in April of this year.20170526_211507(0) There were so many amazing toys at this Showcase. JELS and I had a ball learning about all the new toys that were coming out. It was like a geeky Fashion week for me but with Toys and the Kid and I love toys. One of the booths that we stopped by was the Super Impulse. 20170526_211901They create toys that are classic, retro, and trend-forward. One of the super cool toys at this booth just happened to be named the Worlds Coolest Toys. They have these awesome key chains I was able to get for this review. One was a turntable and the other was a mini Polaroid camera. The turntable of course my DJ friend took the minute he saw it which is okay I guess. But I was able to play with it. The toy lights up and the “vinyl” actually spins around so of course we fake battled. I won because he let me but it was so awesome and of course all of my other music and DJ friends asked me where to get this item so I will share the link with you as well so you can get one if you like. I will be picking up a few for some of my close friends for little gifts I know they will appreciate. 20170526_233209Now with the camera JELS has been enjoying this one and he has it on his weekend backpack. He plays with it for hours. He has his trains he pretends to be taking pictures of. I absolutely love the Worlds Coolest Toys.

The next awesome toy I received was the Precision RBS Eos & Proteus. Now why I love these is because my brother, sister and myself are just big kids at heart. The Precision RBS is a Rubber Band launcher is Way cooler because for people like me who could never shoot a rubber band off my hand I feel this was made for us. Now me and my siblings are acting a fool whenever we see each other and shooting each other like we have no sense. Precision RBS is so innovative. We have never enjoyed or play with a toy quite like this. If you any like my siblings and I, we’re always harassing each other but we will be going on vacation together soon and I will be bringing my Proteus 20170527_150927and Eos Launchers so we can run around the backyard. Having all kinds of fun with the children.

Super Impulse Toys can be found in these major retailers: Amazon, Target, Toys”R”Us, for the complete list please go to the Super Impulse Toys site. I am of course always on Amazon so it was no problem to find them.